Welcome to the Boominator WIKI.

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Due to excessive amounts of spam I have restricted account creation. All pages are still readable by anyone!

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Welcome to the Boominator WIKI.

The Boominator, The Boominator MINI and The Boominator MEGA are boomboxes designed by Saturnus. You can find the original thread of the Boominator on diyAudio and the Boominator MINI thread on: Speakerplans

In here you'll hopefully find all the information you're looking for on how to build your Boominator, MINI, MEGA or similar DIY boombox. If you're a skilled woodworker, a seasoned electronics wiz or well versed in the arts of acoustics - then by all means, please add or correct articles you find on this wiki.

Have fun.

Start here - what do you want to build?


Boominator MINI

Boominator MEGA